Gym Class Heroes Share Their Favorite Music Apps

Posted October 27

Gym Class Heroes nabbed a fan-sourced nomination for Best Lyrics Video for their new single, “Stereo Hearts,” a love song in the key of old-school vinyl and boomboxes. Well, we recently chatted with the band in a more modern vein — mobile in lieu of mixtapes.

Before we got to the pixel and pings, we asked the band how they felt about their nomination. “I think it’s awesome that people like to watch other people in their underwear so much. Because there’s a lot of people in their underwear in that video,” bassist Eric Robert said. Drummer Matt McGinley told us that the band is currently working on a lyrics video for the album’s next single, “Ass Back Home.”

“It’s going to kind of pick up where that lyrics video left off,” McGinley said. “So expect a lot more people in their underwear,” Roberts added.

While you’re waiting for the band’s next album, The Papercut Chronicles II, to drop in November (and for more people in their underwear to materialize), check out their favorite apps below. Lead singer Travie McCoy will also be making an appearance at the O Music Awards on October 31, so tune in!


Eric Roberts: I like to toy around with this application called BeBot, which is this little robot in a tuxedo and you just touch the screen in weird spots and he makes noises. You can create your own sounds with it and it’s kind of like a synthesizer. And there’s actually like a option to put little lines on the screen so it’s almost like a keyboard.


Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo: I don’t actually have it, but I heard that AmpliTube has an app. So that’s basically where you can simulate a guitar amplifier on your phone and that’s really, really rad. I think you can actually record with it onto your computer.


Matt McGinley: I like SoundHound. It’s really fun if you’re in a bar or something and you hear a song and you’re like, ‘Wow, this is a great song and I have no idea what it is.’ And it tells you, surprisingly enough, what song you just heard. I was just using it plenty last night in a bar. You can hum a song and have it find it. I tried it with ‘Cupid’s Chokehold’ and it worked.