Keep Voting, The O Music Awards Are Nigh

Posted October 17

A bunch of categories may have closed on Friday, but there’s still a sizable number of winners yet to be decided. That’s where you come in. Your favorite musician/app/random whatever needs your help. Get thee to the polls ASAP and ensure that he/she/it takes home a coveted cube!

The following categories are still open and kickin’ until Monday, October 24 — as is the chance to nab the title of “Super Fan” — so keep on clicking. Make sure to check back here on October 31 for the main event!

1). Hottest Music NILF

2). Too Much Ass For TV

3). WTF I Love This Award

4). Most Outrageous Tweet

5). Best Music Forum

6). Oops! I Did It Online Award

7). Most Innovative Music Festival

8). Best Vintage Viral Video

9). Best Music Hack

10). Most Addictive Social Music Service

Image courtesy of Flickr, Coda2