Kina Grannis On Digital Genius

Posted October 10

O Music Award nominee for Best Web-Born Artist Kina Grannis knows a little something about digital genius — in part, she owes her career to YouTube, having amassed a huge following on the video-sharing site by posting both original music and covers alike.

We’re aiming to ask a number of our esteemed nominees the same question: “How do you define digital genius?” in honor of both the award itself and the idea that drives the O Music Awards as a whole: That more and more, the web is changing the way we listen and create music.

Check out Grannis‘s thoughts on the matter below:

To me, “digital genius” is the ability to effortlessly embrace new technologies and the Internet and use them in innovative ways to connect, share, and influence. Those with digital genius can engage an audience with content that is both interesting and relevant, while also managing to convey a personal message in a way that seems neither pushy nor overly self-promoting.