Meet Our Record-Breaking Dancers

Posted October 30

Hey there O Music Awards fans. We’re getting extremely close to showtime — the 9:20pm PDT launch of our record-breaking dance party — and in preparation for the big event, we’d like to introduce you to our cadre of able-bodied dancers.

After the sun goes down tonight, we’ll be hitting up the Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip where a livestream of our Dance Party Marathon will be kicking off at To refresh your memory, we’re aiming to break the Guinness World Record for longest team dance marathon and plan to twist and groove for 24 hours — we will (hopefully) break said record during the O Music Awards, which takes place tomorrow evening at 8:30pm PDT.

During said event, we’ll also be raising funds to combat bullying in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month to be split between GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), It Gets Better Project, The Gay Straight Alliance Network (GSA), Human Rights Campaign (HRC), The Trevor Project and GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

You, too, can be a social do-gooder by donating either to the general fund via our Crowdrise page, or by launching your own team (perhaps under the name of your favorite fan army) and rallying your friends for support. Simply hit up our page and click “Fundraise for this event” to get started. You can start fundraising right now.

Now, without further ado, our dancers:


Day job: Dancer
Favorite pump-up song: ’90s hip hop!

Killer dance move: Blow ups!
secret: Being awesome.


Age: 26 
Hometown: Orange County, CA

Day job: Choreographer/dancer
Favorite pump-up song: Just one? I have so many! Can I choose a few? “PYT,” Michael Jackson; “S&M,” Rihanna; “Burning Up,” Madonna; “Moves Like Jagger,” Maroon 5; “You Make Me Feel,” Cobra Starship  

Killer dance move: The Jump Rope because there are so many variations to it. Or my killer roll up from the floor; it’s an attention-grabber.
Endurance secret: Shocking my body awake with ice in my clothes or maybe just massive amounts of caffeine



Age: 22
Hometown: Palm Springs, CA
Day job: Professional dancer and dance teacher
Pump-up song: “Levels,” Avicii
Killer dance move: The Running Man
Endurance secret: To just keep telling myself: “Who wouldn’t want to dance for 24 hours… I sure would.”


Age: 31
Hometown: Inglewood, CA

Day job: Dance teacher/artist
Favorite pump-up song: “Teach Me How To Dougie,” Cali Swag District

Killer dance move: Dougie

Endurance secret: God.


Age: 24
Hometown: Rancho Mirage, CA
Day job: Department manager at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel and Spa
Favorite pump-up song: “One,” Swedish House Mafia
Killer dance move: Cabbage Patch
Endurance secret: Doing it for my dad.


Age: 21
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Day job: Host and server at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood, California
Favorite pump-up song: “Gimme Dat,” Ciara
Killer dance move: Booty Pop, Hip Roll
Endurance secret: Positive energy. I love to dance and love that I am dancing for a cause to help others.


Age: 22
Hometown: Palm Springs, CA
Day job: Server at Cheesecake Factory
Favorite pump-up song: “We Found Love,” Rihanna
Killer dance move: The Shimmy
Endurance secret: Lots of B Vitamins, a positive attitude and a smile.


Age: 23
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Day job: Sales associate at All Saints
Favorite pump-up song: “Yeah I Know,” Ciara
Killer dance move: Stanky Leg and the Booty Shake!
Endurance secret: Keeping in mind what the charities are for and just keeping a positive attitude.


Age: 25
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Day job: I am a professional dancer/bartender/personal trainer
Favorite pump-up song: “Hypnotize,” The Notorious B.I.G.
Killer dance move: Just being sexy and groovy… and I also like to do the Cat Daddy!
Endurance secret: Red Bull, getting to dance with my friends throughout the whole event, and being able to dance for MTV (because I LOVE MTV and it’s so cool to be dancing for them!). Also knowing that we are doing something big by breaking a world record, and knowing that we are doing something EVEN BIGGER by helping to raise money for LGBT groups and anti-bullying charities! That’s what means the most to me since one of my dreams is to become a motivational speaker/mentor to young gay and lesbian kids.


Age: 21
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Day job: I work at Millennium Dance Complex (Front desk, sometimes sub). Professional Dancer for DDO Artists Agency. And I’m a Busser/Runner/Expo at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood.
Favorite pump-up song: “All I Do Is Win,” DJ Khaled (Feat. T-Pain, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross)
Killer dance move: Turning center leap
Endurance secret: I plan on using my fellow team members for motivation, as well as making sure my body has the proper nutrients in it to maintain energy for the full 24 hours. I’m going to avoid sugar and energy drinks because I feel those will make me crash. (Which I will not let happen.)


Age: 19
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Day job: Dance teacher
Favorite pump-up song: “Moves Like Jagger,” Maroon 5
Killer dance move: Switch Leaps and jumps in general
Endurance secret: Pacing and motivating others.


Age: 20
Hometown: Troy, MI
Day job: Millennium Dance Complex, professional dancer for Mcdonald Selznick Associates Agency, waitress at Elephant Bar
Favorite pump-up song: “Sexy and I Know It,” LMFAO
Killer dance move: Groove it out
Endurance secret: Motivation from other dancers, making sure my body has the right nutrients and hydration throughout the day/night.


Age: 18
Hometown: Troy, Michigan
Day job: Professional working dancer

Favorite pump-up song: “Teenage Dream,” Katy Perry

Killer dance move: Kicks/Extensions
secret: HAVE FUN!!!! It will go by soooo much faster.

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, Phillie Casablanca