5 O Music Awards-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Posted October 20

October 31 is on its way, which can only mean two things: The O Music Awards are almost here, and it’s time to get decked out for All Hallow’s Eve. Why not combine the two events this time around and attend your dance card of Halloween soirees dressed as an O Music Awards nominee?

Take a break from shoveling in the candy corn and attempting to contact the dark spirits of the underworld to check out five options below. If you end up cribbing any of these looks, hit us up at OMusicAwards@mtv.com with visual proof. We might just feature your snap on this here blog.


O Music Awards nominee for the Digital Genius Award Girl Talk is known for: 1). Being an extremely talented mashup artist, 2). Getting semi-naked and sweaty on stage. Since most of you are likely not extremely talented mashup artists, we suggest focusing on the second part of the equation when planning your costume. Here goes:

1). Purchase: Sweatpants, sweatshirt & gym shoes
2). Cover your laptop in plastic wrap
3). Dance like a mofo whilst divesting yourself of the aforementioned sweatclothes over the course of the evening

Extra Credit: Enlist a posse to throw confetti and balloons at the assemblage whenever you enter a room


Digital Genius Award nominee Wayne Coyne recently gave us the spooky scoop on his next musical endeavor: Recording a 24-hour song that will be embedded in a real human skull and released on Halloween (he hopes). Dude is basically begging to be costume fodder with that awesome announcement.

1). Purchase: One dapper thrift store suit
2). Tease your coif into an epic fro (or purchase a wig if you are follically skint)
3). Acquire a plastic skull and insert a tape recorder featuring 24 hours of white noise and whispered ruminations on death and sex

Extra Credit: Acquire a real human skull. Wayne informs us that one can be purchased at a store called Skulls Unlimited in Oklahoma


Juggalos are down with the clown all year round, which is why they scored a nomination for Fan Army FTW. Try out the lifestyle on October 31 with a few simple alterations to your appearance:

1). Yell “Whoop-Whoop!” at regular intervals throughout the evening
2). Stock up on Faygo pop. Warn you friends to wear raincoats
3). Paint your face like a clown (naturally)

Extra Credit: Show your allegiance to individual members of the Insane Clown Posse with your face-painting choices. Pro Tip: Violent J uses face paint that is a brighter white than Shaggy’s


Tyler, The Creator may be outrageous on Twitter — which is why he earned a nom for “Most Outrageous Tweet” — but he’s no slouch in real life when it comes to shock value. Try not to cause too much of a scene went you step out in the below:

1). Acquire a tie-dyed shirt (this is key) and a baseball cap
2). Liberally pepper your speech with the “F” word. We suggest every third syllable or so
3). Mug a middle school soccer-playing child and wear his socks. Washing optional (Tip courtesy of Flavorpill’s Russ Marshalek)

Extra Credit: Enlist your friends to go as other members of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Commence with the havoc

Image courtesy of Flickr, Po’Jay

5). iamamiwhoami

We definitely dug iamamiwhoami’s sexy mental patient look in the above video still — as well as her music, which spread virally throughout the web courtesy of mysterious YouTube vids (which is why she’s a nominee for “Best Web-Born Artist”). Get the look below:

1). Purchase a pair of white feety pajamas and an Amish woman’s bonnet
2). Strap an industrial-sized packet of toilet paper to your back
3). Don’t talk to anyone all night. Communicate solely via notes only readable after cracking an obtuse alpha-numeric code

Extra Credit: Create mysterious YouTube videos. Email them anonymously to each and every party host