Parachute Takes Questions Via Interactive Video

Posted October 6

It’a pretty much every (non-awkward) music fan’s dream to get the chance to quiz their favorite musicians face-to-face. Well, now all you Parachute fans can do just that — via a new interactive video.

The vid — which features all members of the band sitting on stools, looking slightly peeved — allows users to click on each musician in order to ask him a series of multiple choice questions. Click on A, B or C to pose your query. Before launching into the Q&A, I recommend just looking at the start screen for a while. The guys start to get genuinely agitated that you have not yet started the interrogation, waving and tapping their watches dramatically. It’s rather adorable.

The video was created using a technology called Frixxer that responds to touch, voice and other actions. This particular vid, however, only responds to clicks, making it much like Andy Grammer’s video for “Keep Your Head Up” (O Music Awards winner for “Most Innovative Music Video” last time around).

Check out the video here and let us know what you think.

By Brenna Ehrlich