Robyn’s Definition of Digital Genius? Steve Jobs

Posted October 31

Robyn is getting ready to take the mainstage at the O Music Awards later on tonight (8:30pm PDT, to be exact), but she recently took some time out to chat with the O Music Blog about music, technology and her definition of digital genius — hint, she doesn’t consider herself one.

“I think Steve Jobs is the definition of a digital genius,” says Robyn of Apple co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer Steve Jobs, who recently passed away.

The Flaming Lips will be performing a special tribute to Jobs during the O Music Awards tonight — a rendition of The Beatles’ “Revolution” to be introduced by Yoko Ono.

Check out the video above and start getting pumped for both Robyn and The Lips’ performances tonight — all the action goes down right here at

By Brenna Ehrlich