Snoop Dogg: When It Comes To Social Media, “Ugot2doit”

Posted October 25

Not only is rapper Snoop Dogg a nominee for Must Follow Artist on Twitter, he’s also kind of a baller when it comes to social media — from (nominee for Most Addictive Social Music Service) to Google+ to everything in between, Snoop has truly gone multi-screen (soon, he’ll even make his family sitcom debut).

The O Music Awards chatted with Snoop and about his love of various and sundry social platforms, as well as his future plans for the services.

When and why did you start using

We started using Chill early on, when there was a buzz around what they were doing. Being Snoop Dogg involves keeping current and relevant; this is just another example of that. I have had a chance to work with the guys in the past and my team was excited when they saw it.

How does Chill fit in with Puff Puff Pass?

Puff Puff Pass Tuesdays is a day that I share a lot of my new content with the world. It was dedicated originally to Snoop’s Army of fans, however within a year it [became] a trending topic weekly. I always have something new for my fans on Tuesdays.

Chill is a great way for me to interact with my fans directly and it’s good to show them new content and share old content. It’s a good way to stay connected and on an even ground. I always want to touch the people and all my fans worldwide, and Chill is one of the few ways that I can do that in a successful manner.

How do you plan to use it in the future?

I’m going to keep sharing new videos and sharing the experience with my fans. Other things I plan on doing would be live streams and live shows integrated into my concerts. Ugot2doit.

You recently partnered with video-sharing app Viddy to create a custom production pack. How do you hope to use Viddy in the coming months?

I plan on using Viddy like I use Facebook and Twitter; [to share] little clips of my life. I like that I can play with them a little bit, change them, use filters and share with my fans. We also got the Snoop Dogg filter on there for all the smokers. If you were a fan of WestFestTV — then this is right up yo lane, neffew.

You’re pretty plugged in – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ — How much time per day do you spend using social media? What role does it play in your music?

Social media is now an important part of my life and it takes up a lot of time, just like coaching football and making music. It changes from day to day. I always maintain a steady flow of content, but I also have a team specifically dedicated to this; this allows me to be Snoop Dogg and the business to keep it pushing, ya dig?

I always have final say and control of what goes out there because I’m still the Boss, however I trust in the content that my team wants to send out. My life influences my music and social media is an element of my life and sometimes elements are reflected in my music; there is no formula. I’m Snoop Dogg — I go in the booth and get it done.

By Brenna Ehrlich