Soundtracking Lets Bands Know Via Twitter When You’re Rocking Out

Posted October 13

O Music Awards nominee for Most Addictive Social Music App Soundtracking is out with a slew of intriguing updates following the long-awaited release of iOS 5 — including the addition of artist Twitter handles to musical shares on the microblogging site.

Apple just released its latest OS, iOS 5, on Wednesday, an update that includes deeper Twitter integration, a new notification system, a new messaging system, the much heralded iCloud and much, much more.

In addition to being privy to the aforementioned tweaks, those who have taken the many, many hours it requires to update their phones (sans bricking) will also be able to test out Soundtracking’s myriad new features. For those not yet Soundtracking, the iOS app is basically Instagram for music. Users can share tunes — tagged with a photo and location — to the app, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Updates include: the ability to sign up automatically due to the new Twitter/iPhone integration, the ability to customize tweets, and the option to follow bands you like on Twitter from within Soundtracking. Two features, however caught our eye when it comes to band promotion.

From now on, when you post a song and share that post on Twitter, the app with automatically add the artist’s Twitter name into the message. We can see this being a great way for bands to gauge which songs are striking a chord with fans, and to interact with those music lovers. Bands could also gain new followers via the feature. We can easily see friends checking out each other’s tweeted tunes, and then following bands as a kind of mental note to check them out later.

Soundtracking also added the ability to share posts on one’s Facebook Fan Page. A lot of bands already share tunes by bands that they love on their Pages, now they can do so with ease while on the go.

What do you think of the goods? Worth a download?