Music App of the Day: Create A Capella Group Jams All On Your Own

Posted October 13

A Capella groups: Those roving bands of instrumentless merrymakers, delighting college campuses and old folks homes alike with their dulcet tones. Don’t you wish you could join their harmonious ranks? Well, now you can — all by your lonesome.

Talkapella is a new iPhone app from Khush, whose CEO and co-founder Prema Gupta was nominated for an O Music Award for “Hottest Music NILF.” Khush is also responsible for Songify, a music-making app that counts The Gregory Brothers (of Auto-Tune the News fame) as co-creators.

While Songify carves tunes out of everyday speech by adding melody and an instrumental aspect, Talkapella focuses more on making music out of vocals alone. Simply speak into the app, choose a musical style (a range of tunes from hymns to barbershop) and let the render your words music. You can then share the finished jams via email or social networks. Check out this sample of one of Khush’s developers, Mark Godfrey, reading the Gettysburg Address.

“We got the idea from feedback we got from users of Songify,” says Gupta, explaining how a lot of users wanted an a capella version of the app. “So we went back to the drawing board and built up the tech quite a bit.”

“When you’re in an a cappella group singing a harmony, you’ve usually got four different people with four separate voices singing at the same time, singing different melodies, singing words at different pace,” says Gupta “We tried to mimick that here, but everything’s created out of that one speech utterance that you gave.”

Talkapella is a fun little diversion, but the results are not exactly on pare with Rockapella and the like — they’re more like a robotic choir reminiscent of a lot of the electronica music we’ve been hearing of late (we’re putting our request for a “Witch House” filter now).

Image courtesy of Flickr, Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M

By Brenna Ehrlich