(Almost) All Categories Close At Midnight!

Posted October 24

The O Music Awards are so close, we can taste the collective fear and anticipation of our nominees — and our rabid, lovable super fans. Voting closes for the last batch of categories at midnight tonight, so keep on clicking.

The following categories are still open until the clock strikes “witching hour,” so we suggest staying at your computer until the bitter end. You’ll still be able to vote for “Fan Army FTW” — and nab the “Super Fan” title — up until the awards, so make sure to keep voting for the “Aliens,” “Beliebers” and whatnot all this week, and check back here on October 31 for the main event!

1). Hottest Music NILF

2). Too Much Ass For TV

3). WTF I Love This Award

4). Most Outrageous Tweet

5). Best Music Forum

6). Oops! I Did It Online Award

7). Most Innovative Music Festival

8). Best Vintage Viral Video

9). Best Music Hack

10). Most Addictive Social Music Service

Image courtesy of Flickr, Arthur40A