Way Out West Is: The Most Innovative Festival

Posted October 29

Which fest is the best when it comes to innovation? Well, the fans have spoken and that esteemed honor goes to… Way Out West.

When we told Sweden’s Way Out West about their win, they provided us with both this lovely graphic and this statement thanking all the fans who helped them come out on top. Grattis, dudes!

The nomination of Way Out West in the category ‘Most Innovative Festival’ was in itself an honour. The other nominees were Lollapalooza, Coachella, iHeartRadio, iTunes Festival and Pitchfork Festival. As the only nominated Scandinavian festival we were the underdog compared to iHeartRadio with 1.5 million followers on Facebook, Pitchfork with almost 2 million followers on Twitter and Lollapalooza, which has been on for 20 years etc.

BUT! Way Out West obviously has the best and most dedicated fans in the world. When it finally was decided via voting, Way Out West crushed the giants. With the unity among blog heroes, dedicated Twitter groups and general pep on Facebook all over the globe, Way Out West sailed past the others and won the prize as ‘The Most Innovative Festival’ in the whole world.

At the gala that takes place in Los Angeles next week (Oct 31) acts like our Way Out West pals The Flaming Lips and Robyn will perform, accompanied by Tyler, the Creator, Katy Perry and many others.

A big shout-out to everyone that has voted for us. The win makes us want to make Way Out West 2012 the best festival yet. Let’s do it! We especially want to thank Spotify and the iamamiwhoami fanclub (iambounty) for their push.