Facebook Chatting With Witch-House.com’s Founder

Posted October 17

In recognition of Witch-House.com‘s O Music Award nomination for “Best Fan Forum,” Russ Marshalek, witch house DJ/chronicler/connoisseur/fan/fanatic, caught up with the forum’s creator, Alan Karlik.

In keeping with the online ethos that’s helped to spread the music, Russ interviewed Alan entirely on Facebook chat, which crashed at least once during their conversation. The interview is, as such, presented here unedited, complete with Russ’s ridiculous avatar.

Russ Marshalek is Social Media Director for Flavorpill, founder of music blog soldoutmusic.com (home to the only existing video interview with SALEM), and co-founder of Brooklyn-based party collective ADVENTURE[s]. He’s written about “witch house” or whatever you call it since the beginning, and is currently working on a book about the myriad characters in the currently-prominent “dark music” scene.