WTF Wednesday: The Shivers Talk Loud Animals, Quiet Wars

Posted October 19

Welcome to yet another edition of WTF Wednesdays, in which bands tell us what the f*ck they’re looking at online. This week, we hit up The Shivers, who are nominated for an O Music Award for “Too Much Ass For TV.”

The Shivers hail from New York City and comprise Keith Zarriello (Vocals and Guitar) and Jo Schornikow (Vocals and Keys). Their most recent album, More, dropped in May, and contains the jam “Two Solitudes,” the video for which houses the aforementioned “ass.”

Check out Jo and Keith’s musings on adorable shouting animals and CIA training documents in the video below.

Written/Interviewed by Brenna Ehrlich

Shot/Produced by Toby Leddy