WTF Wednesday: HEALTH Digs Bootleg Fireworks

Posted October 5

Welcome to WTF Wednesday, a new, soon-to-be epic series in which we honor viral memes/weird web shizz beloved by equally beloved bands. This week, we tapped O Music Award Nominee for “Most Outrageous Tweet,” HEALTH, to share their favorite thing of that late that made them go, “WTF?!”

We asked HEALTH‘s bassist John Famiglietti what the band’s first reaction was when they heard about their nomination. His choices were: “Pride? Joy? Fierce competitive bloodlust?” Famiglietti chose #3, which corresponds pretty directly to his selection for “WTF Wednesday”: “Bootleg Fireworks Explosion Gone Bad.”

We can’t quite share the vid here — it’s little NSFW, what with all the impassioned/horrified swearing — but you can click through to check it out yourself. “This kinda stuff is catnip to me. The dude’s play-by-play is amazing,” Famiglietti says. “‘BOOTLEG FIREWORKS…SH*T!’” With that ringing endorsement, how can you not click?

The only meme that could possibly surpass this bootleg glory is, apparently, “Dragons Having Sex With Cars,” which is just what it sounds like, only better somehow.

“This is kind of an apples ‘n oranges situation,” Famiglietti says of the two pieces of web culture. “You be the judge.”