Air Premieres New Track & Video on Cartier’s Facebook Page

Posted November 9

“Music video budgets are getting less and less, so you rarely have the opportunity to really try something,” says music video director Ben Dickinson at the opening of the above making-of video. Dickinson is referring to the fact that Cartier put up the cash for the video for Air’s “Painted Love” as part of its “How far would you go for Love?” campaign.

The song — in characteristic Air style — is a dark yet breathy ode to obsessive passion, and the accompanying video (which premiered today on Cartier’s Facebook Page) depicts the myth of
Pygmalion and Galatea: the meeting between artist and muse. It was directed by Waverly (LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Deathcab for Cutie, TV on the Radio) and takes place in New York City — where tortured artists come home to roost.

At its heart, the whole deal is basically an advertisement for Cartier — you have to “Like” the page to unlock the video — and is the first such social media-driven endeavor that the brand has executed. Cartier has asked other artists to answer the query “How far would you go for love?” since 2007, though. The brand linked up with director Olivier Dahan to create a series of Love films, and produced the concept album l’oeuvre XXX.

And Cartier isn’t alone in its sponsorship of the arts — after splitting for EMI, OK Go teamed up with State Farm to create their epic Rube Goldberg machine video for “This Too Shall Pass,” and brands like Ray-Bans have been tapping artists like crazy to create original music (see: Raw Sounds Project) lately.

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By Brenna Ehrlich