Get Access To An Artist’s Entire Oeuvre With AllSongsBy

Posted November 29

Ever just get obsessed with an artist? Like this-band-is-the-only-band-I-ever-want-to-listen-to-forever-and-ever obsessed? Well, AllSongsBy has you covered.

AllSongsBy is a pretty simple little in-browser service that serves up just that: All songs by a certain artist. Simply type in a band name — we tried it with Caveman, who will be featured tomorrow on WTF Wednesday — and you’ll get a listing of all their tracks (which you can preview and purchase via iTunes) and a YouTube playlist featuring all the songs that are available on the video-sharing site.

Granted you could do the same thing with Spotify or Rdio or any music streaming service — and mobilely at that, if you’re willing to pay — but the video aspect is pretty cool (especially if you’re served with official videos and not fan-made travesties).

Which artist will you monomaniacally focus on today?

By Brenna Ehrlich