Auto-Tune Your Phonecalls? Sure, Why Not

Posted November 30

Want to sound like Ke$ha on even the most mundane of occasions? Well, give your mother a call using the Auto-Tune iPhone App.

The conceit is rather simple: Call your friend/first date/patient via the app, choose whether to auto-tune your voice or both of your voices, and let the crushing confusion set in as you launch into a conversation boasting the voice of a pop princess robot.

Granted, this app is a complete novelty — unless you’re really insecure about your speaking voice (or Deep Throat) — but I still had fun calling my co-worker Jeannette from across the cubicle wall. You can also share recorded phone calls (the app notifies you when it starts recording) via Twitter and Facebook — so start prank calling now.

The only downside is that it costs $1.99 to download, and after 30 minutes of use, you’ll have to pony up 8 cents per minute. Still, 30 minutes of auto-tune is about my tipping point, so I’m not foreseeing a lot of people going over their limit.

By Brenna Ehrlich