Barneys Adds Lady Gaga-Related Tweets To Holiday Window Displays

Posted November 29

In New York City, the holidays are all about the store window displays: Santas, Christmas trees, Lady Gaga… Wait, what? Barneys has made Lady Gaga the focal point of its holiday display, and it’s asking the musicians’ cadre of Little Monsters to tweet their holiday greetings to their hallowed Mother.

Barneys now features a “Gaga’s Workshop” in its Madison Avenue flagship store in celebration of the holiday season. Naturally, there’s all kinds of things that you can buy from said workshop (with 25% of the proceeds going to charity), but there’s an interactive aspect as well: A window display called Constellation Gaga that features a video screen dedicated to showing holiday tweets related to Gaga. Visitors to the store can add their own messages to the melange, as can other Internet denizens — one simply need add “#GagaStars” to their tweets.

The Twitter-focused project was conceptualized by creative studio The Science Project, who worked with production company Q4 to create the whole experience, which is streamed on a Prysm 11.67-feet by 6.25-feet LPD video wall. It kicks off with a two-minute video depicting Lady Gaga’s holiday world, and then transitions into the constellation of Gaga tweets, which are all wishes directed at the pop star herself.

“The overarching concept is this constellation and this universe and being able to tell Gaga and universe your wishes and dreams. That all integrates into her workshop in Barneys,” says The Science Project’s Jeremy Bergstein.

Tweets will be curated by creative director Nicola Formichetti, naturally, so it won’t be a free-for-all, but those who tweet closer to the store will have a better chance of being featured on the wall.

The whole endeavor was designed to answer one question, Bergstein says: “How can you take people from passive observers to active participants?”

“The first part is to have some of provocative question or really get an emotional attachment,” he explains. “That was the underlying concept that we were trying to prove.”

What wish will you tweet to Gaga?

By Brenna Ehrlich