Bust on Classical Music With Baroque.me

Posted November 18

You can listen to music — or you can snap and break and bust its balls. That’s the idea behind Baroque.me, a neat little website that replicates baroque music using balls and strings and allows the listener to manipulate the results.

The site comes courtesy of Alex Chen, a Google Creative Labs employee who also created Conductor, an interactive, musical subway map that pulls data from the MTA’s public API to illustrate the motions of the New York City transit system, as well as Stringer, a Kinect-powered instrument.

If you visit the site and just allow the action to play out, a series of balls will rotate across strings and play a tune. But where’s the fun in that? Instead, use your mouse to pull the balls out of their orbit and create rather satisfying discord.

By Brenna Ehrlich

(via Evolver.fm)