Chris Bathgate Gets Spooky With 3D Video For “Big Ghost”

Posted November 18

A lot of artists have been tapping into 3D and augmented reality technology of late to create epic, innovative music videos. For the song “Big Ghost” off of his upcoming EP Old Factory, Chris Bathgate — who is currently touring in support of his album Salt Year — took a much subtler approach.

“It’s a different flavor of 3D,” Bathgate says of the video, which depicts the trials and tribulations of, well, a big ghost. “It’s not like a trombone coming out of the screen or something exploding. It’s a little more subtle — not so in-your-face.”

Content-wise, the video is a little more in-your-face, to use Bathgate’s words. “My heart is pumping/What’s my location?/What was I thinking?/Cause I got a big ghost, static in my throat from coming up too short,” Bathgate sings, as a sheeted figure seeks his place in the world.

“The video is very literal,” he says. “I’ll admit that in what they created and what the song’s about there’s a large disconnect. I definitely didn’t say, ‘Put a big ghost in it.’”

Not that he doesn’t like the finished product, of course. The initial song, however, was spurred in part by summer drives through Chicago when Bathgate could catch a whiff of a chocolate factory in the city.

“Everybody these days, if you want to know where you’re at, you immediately look down at your phone or on your GPS. We’re constantly looking down to see where we are, which is so illogical,” he says. The song is instead about knowing where you are from your senses, like the memories that Bathgate gleaned from Chicago’s chocolate-laced air.

The 3D video is the first that Bathgate has done and certainly jibes with his sensibilities. “I don’t expect us to put out a video that has me lip-syncing any time soon,” he says. “That whole concept is really unappealing. I don’t think I could do it with a straight face.”

Lip-syncing in 3D, however, could potentially be a whole different story.

By Brenna Ehrlich