Black Lips Tweet “Raw Meat” Video, Support For Occupy Wall Street

Posted November 15

Many a citizen’s ire was raised Tuesday when New York City police in riot gear removed Occupy Wall Street protesters from Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. As if on cue, the Black Lips dropped their new video for the song “Raw Meat,” in which the band plays crooked New York City cops.

Naturally, the song — a rollicking, whistle-y ode to various and sundry meats — was not written specifically about the two-month protest against capitalistic inequality. The album it came off of — Arabia Mountain — dropped months before protesters started setting up camp. However, it could very likely become one of the many newly minted anthems for the movement — especially since the band tweeted it out today with the message “occupy raw meat.”

Many musicians have been either taking to social media or the streets in support of the movement — like our Most Memorable Occupy Wall Street Performance honoree, Tom Morello — and more and more, songs are being twisted to take on the message. See: Atari Teenage Riot’s “Black Flags” and Penguin Prison’s “Don’t F**k With My Money.”

Could the Lips’ song — featuring the rallying lyric “fresh maggots on my teeth, they’re cheap” — be the next unofficial anthem of OWS? Check it out below. NSFW for language.

By Brenna Ehrlich