Cyber Monday Music Deals

Posted November 28

Were you too much of a coward to brave the clouds of pepper spray wafting through the mall hallways last weekend? Well, that’s what Cyber Monday is for. There’s tons of deals on electronics and whatnot out there, but if you’re anything like us, you’re just looking for deals on tunes. We’ve gathered together a list of hot spots for discounted jams this a.m. below.

This is just the tip of the money-saving iceberg, we’re sure. If we hear of any more deals, we’ll be sure to update the following list. In the meantime, pull out your credit card and thank your spleen for your agoraphobic tendencies.


Our favorite online record store, Insound, is having some pretty sweet deals this week on physical goods like records and CDs. If you buy 10 of their Top 100 vinyl albums of the year, you’ll score 20% off of your entire order. Ten CDs will net you 30% off. You can also outfit yourself in merch and save — buy five T-shirts or posters and get 20% off your order. Top it all off with a turntable, and you’ll get a free record. If you like to flaunt your fandom, all of the above is worth a check-out.


Amazon will be keeping shoppers on their toes this week with an ever-changing carousel of music deals. Keep checking back to see what gets discounted next. The element of surprise should be sufficient to get you through the foot-dragging horror that is a Monday after a holiday.


Holiday shoppers can give the gift of music to their loved ones (and those relatives whose tastes are an utter mystery) with an iTunes gift card. Best Buy is now selling said cards for $10 off. Your sullen niece will thank you.


Google may have just launched its music store, but it’s already rolling out holiday deals. Google Music is now selling select albums for $1.99 — including Justin Bieber’s Christmas album (be still our hearts…).

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, Denim Dave