All That Stuff About Kim Kardashian Keeping You From Your Music News? Block It Out

Posted November 2

Since Kim Kardashian untied the knot to Kris Humphries, social streams have been a little, shall we say, over-saturated with news about the… what does she do again? Well, here’s your solution: Dash-Out.

Dash-Out is a plugin for Chrome and Firefox that successfully whites out all news about K-Squared and her misadventures.

The plugin comes from Greg Leuch of Buzzfeed and FAT Labs, who also created a plugin that nixes all mentions of Justin Bieber, and the now-defunct Ex-Blocker, which eradicated your lost loves from the web (disclosure: My blog, Stuff Hipsters Hate, also worked on said plugin).

What do you think? Will you banish Kardashian from your stream?

By Brenna Ehrlich