DJ Shadow Wants YOU: To Create An Awesome Video From Old Tech

Posted November 21

Attention all aspiring filmmakers: DJ Shadow is looking to the iOS app Viddy to crowdsource a video for the song “Scale It Back.”

The song, off of the album The Less You Know, The Better, already has an official video (see above), but the Viddy-spun version will add new dimension to the album’s concept, DJ Shadow hopes.

“On my singles and my album cover you see these walking, sarcastic and somewhat destructive laptop, cellphone and iPad and they’re kind of messing with me and I’m the subject of their satire and wrath,” the musician says. “And I thought it would be an interesting end game for the campaign to try to steer that cynicism and satire into something productive.”

DJ Shadow is asking fans to show him how they’re scaling back (get it?) the technological clutter in their lives. Fans can take old devices and create something new from them — before taking them to a recycling center, that is — and make a short, 15-second film featuring whatever they created. The best clips will be edited into a video for the song.

DJ Shadow is far from the first musician to create a crowdsourced video of late — Panic! At The Disco used Viddy months ago to create a video for one of their songs — but he does see the value in such works.

“We’re in this strange twilight time between the possibility of the future and the old ways,” he says. “I still think the old ways are interesting to myself and a lot of other people, but it’s hard to get people to pay attention unless they feel like they’re contributing”

At best, the musician could get a cool video out of the whole campaign — at worst, more people will hear his music, which is his ultimate goal.

DJ Shadow admits that he’s not the most technologically savvy person out there — “I’m not holding my phone up to my face when I’m brushing my teeth in the morning. My fans don’t care about that,” he says — but he does say that he’ll probably use Viddy while on tour to share backstage moments with fans.

“We tend to live in a binary world where if you’re not an early adopter, you’re a Luddite,” he says. “I’m sort of toughing it out for anyone else like me that needs a long time to be convinced and doesn’t necessarily see all the intrinsic benefit or soul-saving qualities of everything there is to be utilized when it comes to technology.”

By Brenna Ehrlich