Get A Musical Postcard Every Month

Posted November 23

You may not have a globetrotting friend to send you epistles from foreign lands, but you can get a postcard each month featuring enlightening content: music.

Enter: the Flexi of the Month club, a project from crowdsourced/fan-funded record store Hifidelics. Basically, the club is a subscription service that users can sign up for to receive one new single every month in flexi disc format. A flexi is a kind of phonograph record that can be played on a turntable.

According to the service’s site, the discs are reminiscent of “Polish Postcards,” a product created during the Communist era in Poland by a label called Polpress. The label started pressing songs into postcards so that Polish youth, who didn’t have access to music, could check out bands.

The club is kicking off as a 3-month trial run at $24 per subscription — proceeds go to charity. According to Hypebot, the service still needs 59 more members to kick off (I just signed up, so perhaps they need fewer now).

The three artists have already been chosen, so you can head over to the service’s official blog to check them out. We’ve also embedded a tune from the third artist below for your listening pleasure.

As music becomes less of a tangible product and more of a kind of ghost in the digital machine (IE, as we buy more MP3s in lieu of CDs), interesting products like this seem to be popping up more and more — from music-playing pyramids to cassettes. Would you subscribe to such a club?

God Bows To Math – Paper Trails by Flexi of the Month

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, doc_tor_matt