Music App of the Day: Rock Out On Your iPhone With GarageBand

Posted November 2

Everyone’s favorite “even my blind grandma can make beats” platform, Apple’s GarageBand, is now available for all iOS devices.

The app makes it really simple to create music on your handset or tablet if you’re a beginner (which I am). You can mess around with tons of different instruments and record your sounds. There’s also a nice selection of “Smart Instruments” that provide a cadre of custom chords — a godsend if you’re rhythmically challenged.

More daring musicians can go beyond the futzing stage by recording and mixing up to eight tracks, adding vocals with the built-in microphone or plugging in their electric guitars (the app has 9 amps and 10 stompbox effects) to lend a more organic sound. Sidenote: We wish that you could also plug in electronic drum kits — tapping at a screen is not quite as satisfying as bashing on the toms.

When you’re done, you can go ahead and share you masterpiece — sadly, only via email and iTunes, however. (What if my Twitter followers want to hear my beats? What then, GarageBand?)

Overall, we’re having a pretty good time messing around with the app. We can see it being both a fun time-passer for the casual user and a great way for musicians to work on impromptu songs while out and about.

What do you think? Will you shell out $4.99 for a download?

By Brenna Ehrlich