Google Makes It Easy For Indie Musicians To Sell Tunes

Posted November 16

Along with unveiling its new Music Store, Google also announced today that indie musicians will not be left out in the cold when it comes to selling songs. No, the search giant is also launching the Artist Hub, which will allow artists to sell songs in the Google Music Store and via YouTube.

When artists visit the new Artists Hub (which doesn’t seem active yet), they can create a page for a one-time free of $25. This will be what users see when they search for bands in the music store. The presentation mentioned nothing about Google+ Pages — we hope these two pages will be integrated in the future.

The page includes bio, photos, etc, and the artist can upload their music and set prices, as well as how long song previews will be. Artists keep 70% of the revenue and they can release music as often as they like. They can also sell their music on YouTube via the video-sharing site’s new Merch Store.

We’ll have more on how the store works in the coming days.

By Brenna Ehrlich