Discover New Songs Via This Spinning Universe of Sound

Posted November 30

There’s plenty of music discovery apps out there, but how many feature a spinning galaxy of multi-colored balls denoting indie bands? That’s what we thought.

Enter Hitlantis, which started off as a website, made its way to the iPhone and is now available for Android. Hitlantis is basically a kind of heat map that features a range of genres: punk, indie, electro and pop, all of which are made up of circles that represent different unsigned, up-and-coming bands.

Music listeners can create profiles and click on circles to listen to tracks, add them to their playlists and listen to stations comprising Hitlantis artists. They can also become fans of artists, buy their music (artists get 90% of the cash) and share songs and artists via social networks.

Bands can also sign up for the service and create profiles. Upon signup they are positioned near the outskirts of the heatmap, but as more people listen to and buy their music and become fans, the artist will move toward the center. Artists can also purchase a Premium Account (which is about 5 euros per month) to score better placement, and to be entered into competitions to secure gigs and radio station play.

In terms of music discovery, the app isn’t wholly practical — clicking on a colored circle doesn’t really tell you much about a band. However, it’s a lovely application, and it is pretty amusing to surf around those little dots. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

By Brenna Ehrlich