Is This The Google Music Store?

Posted November 14

Back in May, Google launched its Google Music Beta service, much to the disappointment of many music fans — it was basically a music locker (online storage) and did not feature a music store. Well, according to rumors aplenty — and the above screenshots — we could be seeing a Google Music Store launching on November 16.

This Wednesday, Google will be holding an event it calls “These Go To Eleven” (a reference to This Is Spinal Tap) in Los Angeles, and many a tech blog is taking this music-themed moniker to mean that Google will be unveiling a music store at the event. We’ll be covering that event closely, so keep it here to find out if this rumor is true.

The Verge has acquired some screenshots that certainly add some grist to the rumor mill (see above), featuring what appears to be a music store (integrated with the Android Market) with the added allure of a “free song of the day.” We wonder if the store will be folded into Google Music’s blog, the Magnifier, which also features free tunes every day for Music Beta users.

Still, we’ve been fooled by Google Music rumors before (and there’s been buzzings that Google has not yet secured licensing agreements with most of the major labels), so we’re not going to make any sweeping claims until Wednesday. You, however, may speculate at will in the comments below.

By Brenna Ehrlich