iTunes Match Is Here

Posted November 14

The next version of iTunes — 10.5.1 — drops today, and with it the fabled iTunes Match, which lets you listen to music not purchased via iTunes across any of your devices.

iTunes Match basically works thusly: It scans your music library to find songs that you did not purchase via iTunes (so songs ripped from CDs, free MP3s from music blogs, etc), finds a copy in Apple’s own store, and adds it to iCloud (at iTunes quality) — which you can then access across up to 10 devices. (However, you can only upload 25,000 songs, so if you have more — tough.)

The whole deal costs $24.99 per year and is a part of Apple’s iCloud platform, which uses the cloud to store files, apps, music etc so that users can get to them on any iOS device.

Download the update and let us know what you think.

By Brenna Ehrlich