LegitMix Makes Honest Mashup Lovers of Us All

Posted November 4

Selling mixes legally can be an issue when licensing and rights and all that come into the picture — that’s the issue that LegitMix aims to solve.

The site hopes to help: 1). Artists legally sell jams that sample other tunes, 2). The makers of sampled tunes benefit from said sampling, and 3). Fans purchase the mashups and mixes that they love.

On the artists’ side, a musician can use the site to upload their sample-laden work, complete with information as to what other songs it contains. A fan can then purchase that track, using the site to scan his/her music library for the sampled songs. If s/he don’t already own the song sampled, s/he purchases that jam along with the original track.

So: Mix-loving artists get paid for their song, sampled-song owners get paid for tunes, and, to top it all off, websites get commissions for referrals. Overall, it seems that everyone wins — except for the fan who has to buy 30 songs in order to listen to one mix. (Also, we imagine that those copyright holders who get shortchanged because a fan already owns their track will also be a bit miffed.)

However, overall, we can see this site being an interesting alternative to offering up mixes for free online (ala bands like The Weeknd and Girl Talk), or, you know, lawsuits.

By Brenna Ehrlich

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