Marc Martel Nabs Best Fan Cover

Posted November 1

Freddie Mercury II Marc Martel has just won the O Music Award for Best Fan Cover for his rousing rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

This 34-year-old musician from Tennessee earned the attention of the web — and an O Music Award write-in nomination for “Best Fan Cover” — when he submitted his audition tape for “The Queen Extravaganza,” a live touring band honoring Queen to be organized by the band’s drummer Roger Taylor.

Well, Martel, we can’t say for certain whether you’ll be touring in the aforementioned tribute band, but we know you’ll have a shiny new cube to display on your mantle really soon.

Check out our interview with Martel here (click-click) and let us know in the comments: What do you think of Mercury Jr.’s win?