Discover Music By Association With Music Bloodline

Posted November 9

Imagine you’re on, say, a Lana Del Rey kick. Yeah, you’re partially sated by the songs she keeps dropping while on tour in Europe, but you just want more. Well, why not check out some artists who both influenced and were influenced by the object of your obsession? That’s the conceit behind Music Bloodline.

Music Bloodline is a hack that was created last weekend during Music Hack Day Boston that digs into the relationship between artists.

“The hack is taking advantage of Rovi‘s enormous curated dataset to explore the relationship between musicians, their influences, and subsequent musicians they have influenced,” explains creator Marc Neuwirth.

Search for an artist (Lana Del Rey may not have been the best example, as she appears to only have one influence and is too new to have inspired any other bands) and you can check out a bio, their top songs and a discography — as well as info on their influences and protegees. You can’t yet listen to music from bands listed (my major complaint), but Neuwirth says he plans to add that functionality soon.

We can see this hack functioning as a great way for music fans to find new tunes in the same vein as those they already love. Now let us know in the comments: Which bloodline are you apt to follow?

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, Pulmonary Pathology