Music Box Business Card For Bands Is Best Thing Ever (Today, At Least)

Posted November 11

Let’s face it: Business cards are kind of, well, lame. They clutter up wallets, purses and desks, and once a contact’s info is recorded, they’re basically just akin to tree murder. Unless, of course, they play music.

Check out the video above, which shows off the band Ritornell‘s custom-made, music box business cards. If you’ve ever played with one of those little old-fashioned music boxes that work with a crank (showing my age, here), the cards should be ringing some bells.

The cards were created by Austrian designer Katharina Hölzl and inspired by Ritornell’s live show, described thusly by the band’s Richard Eigner:

The improvised concerts evoke a lively atmosphere by the combination of filigree electronics with playful timbres of diverse acoustic instruments and utensils such as egg whisks, toilet brushes, chopsticks or sewing needles. As an integral part of their set list, Ritornell invites the audience to bring along their private musicboxes. Arranged in a big circle, the players’ speed of turning levers is conducted: the results are as shimmering as you would expect.

Each card contains nine compositions made up of circles, triangles and the band’s contact info. Sounds (pun intended) much more fun than your run-of-the-mill networking experience.

By Brenna Ehrlich

(via Laughing Squid)