Make a Mustache Out of a Tune For Charity

Posted November 7

Music and mustaches: They go together like a heart and a soul (see: Man Man’s ‘stache, Freddie Mercury’s facial adornment, Local Natives’ trim team, etc, etc). Well, this Movember you can create a mustache out of music.

Mustachiness is a hack born this past weekend during Music Hack Day in Boston. The service uses’s API to search for songs, and the Echo Nest’s API for audio analysis. Simply search for a song and artist, and the site spits out a ‘stache created from a tune’s waveform. According to the site’s About page, mustache shape is determined thusly:

Curviness – Curves occur when high loudness deltas are detected
Thickness – Mean loudness
Divot – (aka gap in the middle) hotness of the song
Direction – Up = higher energy; Down = lower energy
Curl – Dancability * energy
Color – Energy of the song. Lower energy is darker

One of the hack’s creators, Marshall Jones, founder and creative director at Exfm, says his team wanted their hack to have a tie to Movember,a yearly mustache-growing initiative designed to raise awareness for men’s health. Jones and co-creator Lucas Hrabovsky also integrated merch-designing site Zazzle’s API so that users can purchase shirts, mugs, etc adorned with musical ‘staches — the proceeds from which will all go to Movember. (The service is a hack created over 24 hours, so it might not be in perfect working order.)

“I didn’t have any plans to participate with my own personal mustache,” says Jones, “But I thought that we could use waveform images and make them into a mustache.”

What do you think of Mustachiness? Would you wear a T emblazoned with waveform-spun fur?

By Brenna Ehrlich