On Tour and Low on Cash? Check Out Poorsquare

Posted November 9

Bands: Are you rolling through the country with only a dollar and a dream? Well, that dream ain’t going to keep your stomach from eating itself when the dollar runs out. Enter Poorsquare, a web app that uses Foursquare data to show you the best deals in a given city.

Simply navigate to the site and plug in your city of choice — drilling down to find your specific location — and then enter in your details: 1). Whether you’re looking for free goods, free with purchase or a discount, 2). How many checkins you can swing before you nab the deal, 3). Whether your whole band is partaking, or just you solo. Then let the deals roll in. You can then add appropriate deals to your Google Calendar, so that you can remember to snag them even after only three or so hours of sleep and an epic bender.

Right now, the service features deals in a handful of cities, but plans to expand its offerings soon. Start plotting your discounted tour today, friends. As Poorsquare as your witness, you’ll never go hungry again.*

*You don’t have to be in a band to use Poorsquare. Hungry artists of all iterations may apply. And, we guess, non-artists as well.

By Brenna Ehrlich