The Perfect Gift For The Raging Alcoholic/Music Lover on Your List

Posted November 17

Do you have a friend who likes music? Do you have a friend who likes beer? Do you have a friend who will listen to anything if there’s the promise of beer? Well, then, go ahead and purchase Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Drinking Game Album for your lovable lush.

So, basically, this product is a shot glass on a lanyard (so that you can wear it around your neck like the fashion plate that you are) that comes complete with a USB packed with 60 drinking songs.

The songs were written and performed by Ali Spagnola — the young lady in the video above — a musician who also holds “power hour” drinking concerts. While listening to said songs, you’re supposed to take a shot of beer every time the music changes, which is many, many times.

While many of us would rather attend a show of our choosing and imbibe there — or come up with our musical cocktails via Drinkify — this shot glass album should be a sufficient diversion for the homebodies among us.

Please don’t ever wear it around your neck, though. You’re basically telling everyone that you’re never leaving the house again.

By Brenna Ehrlich