Add Some Musical Levity To Your Next Cat Video, Thanks To Rumblefish’s New Partnership

Posted November 10

Yes, it’s extremely easy to steal tunes off of the web and use them to score your homemade videos — but, shocker, that’s not legal (which could be a major issue if you ever want to do anything legitimate with that short film you made about the mating habits of swans). Luckily, music licensing company Rumblefish has just entered a partnership with APM Music (a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing) that will make it easier for content creators to stay above board.

APM Music supplies tunes to TV shows and movies like The Rum
Diaries, Avatar, The Back-Up Plan, Date Night, Dolphin Tale, Glee, Gossip Girl, Mad Men
and 30 Rock. Now, that same music will be available to YouTubers, videomakers, game developers and slideshow-making soccer moms through the Rumblefish API and Friendly Music website.

“We’re all about making soundtracks really easy for consumers,” says Paul Anthony, Rumblefish CEO, “It’s really cool that the Average Joe YouTube or Vimeo user can now license tracks that big music supervisors use for the big projects.”

And, get this, the cost is basically $1.99 per song per video — and there are more than half a million songs available. “It’s as cheap as an app,” says Anthony. “So this is really the soundtrack version of what’s happened with iTunes or Spotify.”

It’s becoming ever easier nowadays for content creators to access legal music to use in their projects. Rumblefish opened its API up to developers and content creators this past summer, and Vimeo recently teamed up with music licensing service Audiosocket to create the Vimeo Music Store.

Consequently, music-makers will get a much bigger payout now that their tunes are available to a wider audience for licensing. So get cracking on those cat videos — legally.

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, t.pcox