Good News: You Can Now Listen to SoundCloud Streams on iOS Devices

Posted November 3

Yes, you can technically listen to songs and sounds on music-sharing platform — and O Music Award winner — SoundCloud’s apps, but up until today, the service’s widgets were rendered in Flash, which doesn’t work on iOS devices. Now, SoundCloud is releasing an HTML5 widget, which should work perfectly on your iPhone, iPad, etc.

This may all sound like geek speak, so we’ll break it down for you: A lot of music blogs and sites use SoundCloud to provide streams of new albums and tracks. Up until now, if you were browsing said sites on your iPad, you wouldn’t be able to check out, say, the new MF Doom/Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood collaboration. Now, thanks to this new widget, you can blast the jam at will — if the user in question has opted to use the HTML5 format. You can check out the new widget above, featuring The Black Keys’ hot new jam, “Lonely Boy.”

Here’s how to access it if you’re a musician:

1). Click the ‘Share’ button on any SoundCloud page
2). Click ‘Customize player’ and select HTML5 from the option tabs
3). Change the appearance of the widget, copy the embed code and paste it to your website or blog

(via SoundCloud)

By Brenna Ehrlich