Spotify: The Times They Are ‘A Changin’

Posted November 21

OK, so the music streaming service didn’t quite quote Dylan, but we did receive an invite this a.m. to a press conference in New York next week. It didn’t reveal much, but the event is titled “What’s next for Spotify?” and founder Daniel Ek will be in attendance, so we’re guessing the news is more significant than, “Hey! We’re changing our logo color from green to red!”

Spotify launched in the U.S. only about four months ago, and it has yet to hold a press conference in the states, so this New York event — going down on November 30 — should be interesting.

Naturally, we’ll be reporting live at the event, but feel free to try to predict the future in the comments.

This event comes on the heels of around 200 labels pulling their music from Spotify and other streaming services — as well as artists like Coldplay, Tom Waits and Adele electing not to sell songs on Spotify.

Google also announced its Music Store last week, so Spotify seems to be striking while the music news iron is hot.

By Brenna Ehrlich