Outrageous Tweet Of The Day: Titus Andronicus Frontman Got Electrocuted, Wrote a Song About It

Posted November 4

Now this is one shocking (har, har) tweet: Titus Andronicus‘ frontman Patrick Stickles took a massive electric shock to the face Wednesday, landing him in the hospital, and, it seems, inspiring a new song.

Pitchfork highlighted Stickles’ live-tweeted experience today, explaining how the musician was blasted with a 200-volt electric shock right to the noggin Wednesday night at band practice. Stickles was taken to Long Island hospital by Ryan Levine of The So So Glos in a car borrowed from Adam Reich, co-founder of music venue Shea Stadium (it’s like an indie explosion!), according to his Twitter.

After enduring a “seven-hour ordeal,” Stickles — the current obviously still running through his brainpan — took to the web to tweet about his “new hit song from Titus Andronicus: ‘(I Am The) Electric Man,’ written in the waiting room, much to the dismay of the other patients.”

We sincerely hope that this is not a joke. In my imagination, it would be the theme song for the freak show dude in Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. Creeptastic.

Real or no, the singer busted out some lyrics on Twitter:

He finishes up with some handy advice for other musicians (the order’s all wonky, but you can piece it together). Wise words, Stickles, wise words. Now go make “(I Am The) Electric Man” a reality.

By Brenna Ehrlich