Let This Soothing Robot Voice Read Your Tweets To You

Posted November 10

It can be difficult to switch to reading mode after zoning out to Spotify for hours on end. Well, all of you nearly illiterate folks out there can rejoice (if you can, in fact, read this): There’s now an iOS Twitter client out there that reads your tweets to you.

The idea behind Tweet Speaker is simple: It flips through your tweets, reading them aloud in that classic, old-school robot voice that computers of old boasted.

You can either have the app read your timeline, your @-replies or your lists, adjusting the speed at will. You can also click through links when you feel the urge, or save them to read later via Instapaper.

Overall, the app is pretty much a diversion (that costs 0.99 cents), but we could see it being helpful if you’re a heavy user of lists. Imagine sorting all of your music news into a single list, and then listening to the highlights while you wash the dishes/the dog/the drool from your slack, slack face.

All kidding aside, it’s a pretty slick app and well worth the handful of change it cost to download.

By Brenna Ehrlich