5 WTF?! Music Tech Gifts For The Weirdo In Your Life

Posted December 15

Let’s face it: If you’re into music, you’re probably a bit weird. The same goes for tech-heads. And if you’re into both, well, then, watch out space, this dude’s going to dreamily stare the hell into you.

If you’re one of the aforementioned amalgams, you’re likely a bit hard to shop for once the holidays roll around, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide for your friends and family. Start distributing now so as to avoid the requisite gift book about guitars/scented candle combo. Mmmmm, sandalwood…

Note: The gift wrapping above belies the present’s weird and wild contents.


The Flaming Lips have been coming out with a lot of weird merch lately — from gummy skulls packed with tunes to human skulls containing 24-hour-long songs. Grab a piece of history for your favorite freak in the form of The Strobo Light Trip Toy, a flashing hunk of oddness that comes packed with three Flaming Lips songs, including the six-hour jam, “I Found A Star On The Ground.” Psychedelics not included.

Pricing: Around $110 on eBay


Let’s face it: The idea of plugging your iPod into a dock and letting the music play is a little, shall we say, college. Well, the above product banishes those last traces of childishness (perhaps because it costs so freaking much). The Megaphone doesn’t have any electrical gizmos inside its ceramic body: It simply amplifies the sound issuing from your iPhone or iPod touch. It’s like a statue that plays music — without the kitsch factor of that singing Santa your aunt bought you last year.

Pricing: Around $500


Naturalists — when it comes to both sound and aesthetic — will totally dig the above turntable, which looks like a log. Bonus: Buy David Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time on vinyl and present it to your friend with said record player. Make some tenuous joke about Twin Peaks and the log lady. Appear deep.

Pricing: $850.00


For all y’all who yearn for the glory days of penpals (My Egyptian penpal once asked me to marry him. At age 13. True story), have we got a gift idea for you: The Flexi of the Month Club, a project from crowdsourced/fan-funded record store Hifidelics. Basically, the club is a subscription service that users can sign up for to receive one new single every month in flexi disc format. A flexi is a kind of phonograph record that can be played on a turntable.

According to the service’s site, the discs are reminiscent of “Polish Postcards,” a product created during the Communist era in Poland by a label called Polpress. The label started pressing songs into postcards so that Polish youth, who didn’t have access to music, could check out bands.

The club is kicking off as a 3-month trial run at $24 per subscription — proceeds go to charity. If your friend’s penpal has yet to propose, this should push him/her over the edge for sure.


Everyone knows that the holidaze can be tough — what with the cold, the shopping, the intense crushing loneliness that besets single people on New Year’s Eve. And, consequently, everyone knows that the only cure for said toughness is, well, getting smashed. Enter: Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Drinking Game Album.

So, basically, this product is a shot glass on a lanyard (so that you can wear it around your neck like the fashion plate that you are) that comes complete with a USB packed with 60 drinking songs.

The songs were written and performed by Ali Spagnola — the young lady in the video above — a musician who also holds “power hour” drinking concerts. While listening to said songs, you’re supposed to take a shot of beer every time the music changes, which is many, many times.

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Tools