Get 50 Cent’s “The Big Ten” Mixtape For Free on Facebook

Posted December 9

Happy Friday! Down for some new weekend jams? Well, you’re in luck, as 50 Cent has just dropped a new mixtape titled The Big Ten on his Facebook page.

50 initially put the mixtape behind what is commonly known as a “Facebook Like Gate,” requiring 120,000 people to “Like” the rapper’s page in order to unlock the content.

Well, it seems that his Fiddy’s fan worked fast, as the tape is now unlocked. Or, as Spin points out, maybe the musician’s impatience won out; he tweeted “F*ck that I want yall to hear it now download full tape there” and included a link to download the mixtape from his website. Still, apparently his site is having some issues handling the volume of downloads, so Facebook is still a good option for collecting the disc.

Mixtapes are usually freebies, but 50′s approach is a new twist on cash-free distribution. Yes, bands have given away tunes and content for free via Facebook “Like Gates” before — Kanye and Jay-Z gave fans a sneak peek at Watch The Throne in January and Rihanna recently launched a huge Facebook campaign for Talk That Talk — but a whole album is not as common.

By Brenna Ehrlich