Frank Ocean Releases Demo Via Tumblr, Gets Us All Excited For 2012

Posted December 28

2011 has been a good year for Odd Future’s smooth-singing Frank Ocean, who released a critically acclaimed mixtape (nostalgia,ULTRA.) as well as a bunch of loose tracks and videos via his Tumblr. Today, Ocean is out with a new, raw track titled “4 Tears,” and it’s got us excited to see what 2012 will bring for the talented singer/songwriter.

Add this track to your end-of-2011 playlist, already populated by The Weeknd (who just dropped his third mixtape) and Lady Gaga (who gifted us with a previously unreleased track on Christmas). Hopefully a few more artists will throw out some more last-minute tracks — for optimum New Year’s Eve playlist freshness.

(I especially like the opening line of the song, “Swag, swag times two,” because it equals four, as laid out in the title.)

By Brenna Ehrlich