“Girl Walk” Is 71 Minutes Of Mashup-Powered Amazingness

Posted December 9

Since Glee shot to mainstream popularity over the last couple of years, one question arose in the minds of many a skeptic: “How the hell would the world react if we all just started spontaneously singing and dancing like that?” Well, that question has been answered, my friends, in the form of 71-minute-long music video “Girl Walk.”

Granted, “Girl Walk” has much better jams than Glee has ever featured (and a less, dare we say, musical theatre-y cast), seeing as how the whole thing is set to Girl Talk’s latest album, All Day. The film, which premiered Thursday night at Brooklyn’s Masonic Temple, lives mostly online, with two new chapters posted every week. Right now, four episodes have rolled out.

The project started percolating in the mind of photographer Jacob Krupnick about two years when he was working on a four-projector video installation for a fashion show. Krupnick cast a ton of dancers for the videos, and became intrigued by the style of one particular stepper: Anne Marsen. When Girl Talk put out All Day, Krupnick had the perfect soundtrack for a potential film starring Marsen.

“Different styles of dance and different storylines explode out of it,” Krupnick says of the album.

After bringing on a few more dancers, the team launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the endeavor and now, almost one year and $25,000 later, they’re out with an epic music video chronicling the adventures of a girl who just needs to dance, the gentleman she adores and the creeper who adores her. The cast dances throughout New York City — a kind of mashup (appropriately) between a flash mob and a proper music video.

Krupnick has been blown away by the response he’s received to the film. “There’s some part of you that just ever so slightly dares to dream that it will have serious traction,” he says, “but the realization of that is something else entirely.” Girl Talk and his label, Illegal Art, have even given the endeavor the thumbs-up.

And the project has only just gotten off the ground; there’s still eight more chapters to roll out, and Krupnick is looking to do more live events. “The purpose is to have the long arm of Girl Walk reach far and wide,” he says. “It’s so much better and such a more complete idea when it’s seen big and loud, so it’s really important to me to figure out good ways of doing that.”

Check out all the action here.

By Brenna Ehrlich