iPhone Games + Cats = Viral Video Buzz For Hey Geronimo

Posted December 6

Last week, a brand-new band with only a few hundred Facebook fans shot to viral fame due to a very meme-y video replete with iPhone games and, of course, cats.

Hey Geronimo is an Australian supergroup featuring members of Blame Ringo, Montpelier and The Boat People. According to lead singer Pete Kilroy, the band has only been together for a few months now — their debut album should be out early next year.

Still, they’ve managed to accrue a good amount of buzz for their first single, “Why Don’t We Do Something?” after they posted its music video to their Facebook page. Gradually, the video made its way to the U.S. — Kilroy suspects it first popped up via Reddit — and onto myriad tech/gamer blogs, who were quick to pick up a music video featuring iPhone games.

We spoke with Kilroy (who also produced the vid) about the video’s rapid success and what effect it has had on the newly hatched band.

Why did you choose to include iPhone games in your video? Did Apple sponsor you at all? Did you have to get permission?
No sponsorship. No permission. Ack! We have received really great feedback from the peeps that make the games though. They think it’s great. We chose iPhone games because we have a very soft spot for them. Nothing better than busting out the iPhone in the back of the touring van!

What games are repped?
Angry Birds, Plants Vs Zombies, Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja, Flight Control.

Why so many cats?
Internet rule 101: If the choice is between less cats and more cats — choose more.

What are your favorite iPhone games?
When Scribblenauts came out it blew our minds. We’re also a massive fan of Doodle Jump and Worms.

How has the viral response affected you as a band? More attention? No effect?
It’s been really cool so far because it gets your music heard by a wider audience. It’s a really fun track, too. As far as attention goes, I think our bass player has been asked to sell noodles in Japan or something. He’s the guy doing the ‘not bad’ face at the end. The rest of us are just rolling with the punches, happy to have the video seen!

What’s your favorite viral music video of all time?
Gonna get in trouble for saying this… ‘Friday.’ Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Must have watched that video 40 times. (Yes, we are ashamed of our actions!)

By Brenna Ehrlich