Make Your Own Band T — With Lazers!

Posted December 21

Buying a band’s merch is so conformist — especially when you wear said merch to that band’s show. Why not break out from the sheep-like masses and make your own merch — with a freaking ultraviolet LAZER.

Think Geek is featuring a pretty rad product today called the Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee, which allows the wearer to draw anything he wants on his shirtfront with UV light.

Once that intrepid soul enters a darkened concert hall, the shirt will glow, revealing “I <3 SALEM" for all the assembled Lana Del Rey fans to see.

This product totally reminds me of those color-changing Ts for the ’90s — although (hopefully) less prone to getting stuck mid-change, rendering one’s shirt a muddy brown.

What would you write on your T?

By Brenna Ehrlich