Lenny Kravitz Teams Up With Instagram On New Video

Posted December 12

Instagram: It’s not just for taking gorgeous, filtered snaps of mundane objects anymore. Many a musician has taken to the photo-sharing service to source everything from videos to album art, and now Lenny Kravitz has jumped on the bandwagon as well.

In celebration of his ninth album, Black and White America, Kravitz is launching the Black and White America Instagram Photo Contest.” He’s asking fans to take photos that represent what “Black and White America” means to them and submit them via email to: blackandwhiteamerica@sneakattackmedia.com.

The best photos will be part of a video for the album’s title track (not an official video — that’s embedded above). We’re not sure why Kravitz and Co. is asking fans to email photos — using a hashtag would probably have been a little less cumbersome.

As we said, the concept of artists using Instagram to connect with fans and source their art is nothing new — The Vaccines used the service to created a music video, and Twin Atlantic recently launched a contest to collect snaps for a single cover. It’s a low-friction way to reach fans, and, as we said, you really can’t take a bad picture with Instagram.

What do you think of promotions like this? Have you ever taken part in one?

By Brenna Ehrlich